So, you must have heard or seen by now, tumblr has changed its policy and have banned every porn blogs, even nsfw art has been banned. Almost all of my posts showing nude female intimate parts are now permanently hidden. It’s sad, I really loved tumblr, not only for showcasing my work but also for my own interests 😉
So I won’t be posting there anymore, but I’m sure that some alternative site will soon rise up. I’ve read that several sites are under construction to get the tumblr porn castaways, and when the times comes I’ll open a new gallery, and maybe I’ll expand on other platforms I’ve found out. Maybe you can recommend one.

So, I felt like doing a goodbye tumblr painting instead of a christmas babe, but kept the panterly style like these old christmas coca cola ads, for symbolism.
Coming in larger boob sizes also (for patrons only)

Hope you like !

Merry christmas to all of you !

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